TVaaS – All You Need To Manage a Complete Cloud TV Service

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 | By

By now you will have heard about VO- TVaaS, the radical new service that we have introduced that uses the power of the cloud to enable operators to launch new TV Everywhere services quickly and easily.

Given the challenges facing operators in the current climate, especially the one of providing consumers with the enhance services they increasingly expect without dramatically increasing CAPEX, we have it designed from the ground up to answer the following questions:


  • What if many of the ins and outs of the process could be boiled down to simply uploading your content and then letting a third party do all the heavy lifting in the cloud?
  • What if you could manage everything about your new channel, content, services, customers, devices and recommendations, from a single pane of glass?
  • What if you could genuinely build and launch new services in a few clicks?

VO – TVaaS, TV Everywhere as a Service, enables you to do just that.

Plan your offering, upload your content, and start delivering and monetizing high-quality TV content on any device faster than ever before using our powerful proprietary technologies.

The new brochure provides all the details you need to know about VO – TVaaS. Download it here now and soon you too could be launching powerful new, monetised services designed to maximize viewer engagement.

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But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Free trials are available now through and include access to the management console, iPhone and iPad mobile apps, 50GB of storage, 20 hours of video streaming, and the ability to set up 10 subscribers and up to 20 devices. Sign up now!