The Cloud TV System and the future of Big Data

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 | By

One thing that everyone in the industry agrees on is that viewing habits are changing, and changing faster amongst the Millennials: that population currently filling the 16-34 demographic. Their behaviour is not uniform — given the life changes that tend to occur in that age range, it’s never going to be — but what makes a Cloud TV Solution such a perfect fit for adapting to their needs is that they have fully embraced all the variety of non-linear services — VOD, SVOD, OTT and more — and see them as at least the equal of what we still refer to as ‘traditional’ television.


Indeed there is the sense that OTT is now on the verge of rivalling traditional TV as an accepted primary means of broadcast and the coveted HDMI 1 slot is no longer occupied by a cable or satellite STB by right. It’s not the death of traditional broadcast by any means —the UK’s Sky recently said it now saw OTT as almost equal to satellite and as providing an opportunity to expand into new markets, and a show of hands at our TVLS conference back in May indicated this same — but it does mean it has to adapt, and adapt fast.


Why a Cloud TV Solution is the best option to power OTT and more


In the end the consumer doesn’t care where the content comes from: it can come from the cloud, a transponder, or a transmission tower as long as the service has the functionality and provides the content they desire.


The operator though cares very much, and the advantages of a Cloud TV Solution such as Voyage – Television as a Service can be summed up in two words: ‘speed’ and ‘cost’. Leveraging the power of the cloud means operators can launch new services with a dramatically shortened Time to Market, while the fact that all equipment is held off-premises (and, indeed, with a solution such as TVaaS is wholly managed by VO) not only keeps spending down but transfers what there is from capex to opex.


At Ampere Analysis, Research Director, Guy Bisson, has tagged the Millennial segment of the population with the label ‘Content Connoisseurs’ and says that they are a significant audience that are “crying out for someone to give them a next-generation TV bundle.” What’s more he says they are already creating their own, mixing multiple SVoD services, streaming music services, premium channels and free catch-up platforms into an entertainment bouquet that allows them to access the sort of content they want in a way they want to consume it.


They’re not a threat, he argues, they’re an opportunity, and with their numbers now exceeding those of the baby boomers they’re a significant one too. For the operators that want to reach them a Cloud TV Solution is not only the best bet, it might be the only one that is fast enough to catch them before they disappear out of sight.