Cloud TV is Bringing Over the Top Streaming Service to The Next Level

Wed, 04 May 2016 | By

The cloud has entirely altered the world in which we live and function in. Products such as DropBox, iTunes, online banking and so on have come to fruition thanks to the benefits of cloud computing. But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the cloud, cloud TV is very much a successful and growing platform. Beneficial to both over the top streaming service as well as the user/consumer, cloud TV is bringing streaming to a whole new level.

What Your Over the Top Streaming Service Needs to Know

Every service provider has different needs and expectations from their platform and content solution provider. So when integrating your content into the cloud, you should make sure you are choosing an option that works for you.

It is estimated that by 2019, the global number of instant video subscribers will rise from 92.1 million (in the year 2014) to 333.2 million. That’s a massive market to be tapped into, especially once it’s reached this potential. And if there’s anything we know to be true it’s that the early bird gets the worm. The sooner that your company is able to infiltrate the OTT market, the more likely you are to gain from this triple fold increase.

The future growth for cloud TV is one with endless possibilities. No longer limited strictly to the television anymore, your content is accessible anywhere, anytime. The cloud makes this possible. But not only available on the devices we know, many game consoles come with pre-loaded streaming services. The exposure available by connecting through game consoles offers great potential.

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Benefits of Using Cloud TV

So why use the cloud for TV specifically? What benefits does it provide you and your customers?

With ever evolving technology, the cloud remains constant among them. TVs, tablets, computers, mobile phones – they all allow us to access the cloud and video content. By using the cloud, it enables your users to connect and tap into your content no matter where they are or what device they’re connecting from.

By uploading your content through the cloud, you as an over the top service provider have more accessibility in terms of changing, updating and renewing your offered content. By having your content organized and located in one platform, you can remotely edit and renew the library of content that you offer.

How to Apply it to Your Service

At Viaccess-Orca, we are proud to offer you a high quality and easy to use platform that employs cloud TV.
By enabling your service to provide end-to-end access (direct from your servers to the customer’s screen), you will have better service and happier customers. Allowing users to interact and engage with the content they are viewing makes them more likely to come back and find a new series or movie based on the content discovery that is possible thanks to the cloud. And let’s not forget security. As an over the top streaming service provider, you must ensure that your content isn’t vulnerable. We offer a great many solutions to ensuring that this is the case.