How to Stop Piracy of Your TV Content

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 | By

From trending TV shows to on-demand sporting events to documentaries to classic movies, as a service provider, your company understands the high demand of the content that you offer. As Spider-Man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. When providing content, your business has a tough job in maintaining top tier quality while still protecting and maintaining the security of your property.

Pay TV services face a unique conundrum: as a service provider you want to provide premium content to your viewers on more devices and wherever viewers are, but you also want to secure this premium content and generate a return on investment (ROI) in order to continue creating and providing quality programming. Rising prices and lack of availability are primary reasons for viewers to turn to online pirate sites. These sites are a global problem and must be fought on a global basis.

Due to greater availability of bandwidth and new technologies that enable retransmission, premium content can be viewed illegally with little loss of quality. Pirates are becoming more sophisticated, selling illegal content through slick websites boasting great UI & UX, which include programming guides, credit card payment and even season tickets to matches. Many pay-TV service providers can decrease TV piracy and even prevent it. However, they are challenged by the newer trend of live streamed online piracy – especially expensive live events like sports and concerts.

So what do you do, as a content provider, when figuring out how to stop piracy?

Anti-Piracy Solution

Not only specific to TV, pirating is an issue that permeates many different areas; affecting music, computer games, software, and more, piracy is problematic on a wide scale. One key area preventing the prevalence of piracy is to invalidate the sources from which the streaming stems. So how do you invalidate services that are stealing your TV content?

That’s where our very own Eye on Piracy solution comes in. Eye on Piracy was created especially to prevent the distribution of premium live content. By monitoring where piracy occurs, detecting pirate site owners and crawling for sites that stream your content, you can rest assured that your content will remain yours. Further, our solution sends a DMCA takedown notice to the owners of streaming sites.

Piracy Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your content, knowing what’s popular, what’s trending and keeping updates on the statistics of your content is key to proactively watch your content. By building up a strong infrastructure that prevents penetration, you can prepare for attacks that hopefully will be unsuccessful.

In addition to tracking the trends of your content, you need to find the source of the penetration itself. By following the distribution trail of your content, you can find what is being stolen and possibly even track the route it takes once it leaves your site. It is also important to keep a global perspective into account – when your content is stolen, it is not necessarily only viewed by the person who took your content. It is likely that it is distributed around the world. Monitoring the countries in which the piracy occurs and where the content is most commonly distributed is a great way for you to be able to launch an educated defense against the pirates.

Combating Piracy

Ok, so you’ve exposed the infiltrators, monitored their activity, gathered data on the traffic of your content. Now, what? How do you launch both an offensive and defensive tactic against them?

The first step is identifying the pirates and the organizations behind them. Second, we will collect and gather legally binding information that can help shut them down. Working with law enforcement agencies to take the proper action necessary against these pirating cells, your content will be safe and protected again. Also, by checking the security on your site, you are further keeping your content protected. This means that you will not be losing more money over pirated content and can maintain your ROIs.

As a content service provider, you provide your customers with an opportunity to escape from their reality and enter a fantastical one of their choosing through TV content. The service that you provide is one that people depend on, so when it comes to anti-piracy protection, depend on us at Viaccess-Orca. Utilizing the options you have in terms of legal action, vigilance and prevention is a winning combination for fighting piracy.