How to Choose The Best Video Content Management System

Thu, 03 Nov 2016 | By

When it comes to choosing a Video Content Management System (CMS) what exactly should you

be looking for? Here are five criteria that we think are important in the whole process.

1. Understand Your Strategy. If you’re looking for a Video CMS you need to know what you’re

fitting it to. You need to know what content your viewers want and what sort of services you will be

looking to launch. While Cloud-based TV systems such as Voyage – TVaaS are flexible enough too

adapt to most needs, entering the process with a clear vision for your initial goals is important.

2. Research. We are not the only solution out there. Obviously, we think we are the best, but you

owe it to your business to be rigorous in your approach. Build a shortlist and run through a decision

tree that filters out solutions that don’t meet your technical specifications, your budget, and your

suites requirements. Focus on your needs and how they can be met.

3. Think about the real world. How will your solution be used by its real life audience? Again, cloud

solutions are flexible, but try and move beyond the spreadsheet lists of features and requirement

matrixes and map out the usage scenarios. Does the solution work for both your low-end and high-

end projections? Can it handle known technological change and possible future disruptors?

4. Test and trial. See how the Video Content Management System works and relay get to grips with

the questions of whether this is the right fit for you. Voyage – TVaaS, of course, has a free 30-day

trial that allows you to explore live and on-demand services and launch a complete TV service

within 48 hours. It is small scale — 20 devices and 10 users can access 20 hours of video

streaming — but it is enough to showcase how the system works and how it can be managed.

And, because this is the cloud, once you activate the full service, scaling up is easy.

5. The Right Video Content Management System From The Right Vendor

This one is important enough that it gets a subhead all of its own. If you are launching a new TV

service, or bolstering an existing offering, you want to be doing it with the right vendor: one that

offers 24/7/365 support, that brings you onboard and gets to know your needs and your setup, that

offers comprehensive training, and that has the vision and the breadth of knowledge to promote

new feature rollout and adapt to the changing needs of the industry. You want a partner that has

the same business ability that you do. And that is us: that is what we do.

With Voyavge – TVaaS we have created a solution that leverages all of our expertise and

experience in multiple industry segments, from personalisation and content management to

security and anti-piracy, into one platform. It is best of breed because it is made from best of breed

components. If you are looking for a Video Content Management System, please work your way

through the five criteria above. But we are confident that they will lead you back here once more.