High Quality Solutions for Internet TV as a Service

Thu, 03 Nov 2016 | By

It’s sometimes hard to believe that the cloud is only a decade old, it’s impact has been so

transformative. In the space of ten years we’ve gone from Amazon Web Services announcing its

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service in August 2006 (and thus introducing the

term ‘cloud’ to most people), to the point where cloud apps will account for 90% of total mobile data

traffic by 2019. And, with the growth of video traffic continuing unabated, TV as a Service is going

to be a big part of that cloudy future.

For businesses we’re now seeing the rise of what is being termed XaaS, Everything as a Service,

but it’s important to remember that there are idiosyncrasies in every field and, and especially when

launching cloud-based TV services, there are specific things that need to be considered.

Six Aspects of TV as a Service

When thinking about employing a TV as a Service solution, in general there are six factors that

need to be at the forefront of your thinking.

1. Delivery – A service needs to be complete and genuinely end-to- end.

2. Management – Everything should be in one place, ideally enabling all aspects of content,

customer, business management and more to be overseen from a single service.

3. Engagement – Personalization and content discovery tools help keep viewers onboard and

mitigate against churn.

4. Monetization – Subscription VOD, new channel packages, catch-up, start over…all these should

be available and the platform open for future innovation.

5. Security – Broadcasters consistently cite security as one of their number one concerns

surrounding cloud migration. A suite of responsive, multi-DRM technologies are a pre-requisite.

6. Real World Testing – Being able to work on the real backend as it will appear in the final service

and see the results on front end apps provides complete visibility over a solution’s viability.

Our VO TVas a Service solution delivers on all these factors. Of course there are

other considerations too, both internal and external (cost, telecoms infrastructure etc), but a

solution that can tick all the boxes of the above is a TV as a Service platform well worth your