Why CDN Live Streaming is Desirable But Difficult

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 | By

Why CDN Live Streaming is Desirable But Difficult

One of the unarguable touchstones of the modern broadcast landscape is that live content is one of the best ways of attracting viewers and keeping them. While the rest of the industry has fractured and change beyond all recognition, the pre-eminence of live has remained unaltered. Indeed, if anything it is more important than ever — witness the stratospheric increase in sports rights values over recent years — and, as such, CDN live streaming is a vital part of any operators’ online strategy.

Live video allows them to connect with their audience in realtime, heighten brand awareness amongst the audience that has made that crucial appointment-to-view, and run realtime analytics, meaning that granular detail about exactly what is being watched can be captured in exquisite detail.

One thing that is it though is not easy.

The Problems of CDN Live Streaming

The main difficulty lies in predicting the audience, and it’s not just a case of looking at the overall numbers either. When TV Everywhere content is being delivered by a CDN — our VO – TVaaS solution uses the market-leading Akami Content Delivery Network — it can be accessed by an audience in many different locations using many different ISPs and many different devices. From streaming dongles attached to the HDMI sockets in the backs of living room TV sets to mobile phones being looked at on speeding trains, effective CDN Live Streaming has to cope with it all.

You don’t just have to do it, either; you have to do it well. Consumers demand a high quality experience nowadays and that means consistency across platforms and portability. Buffering is not an option.

That means you need a CDN that can scale and that in turn means the cloud. If audience turnout exceeds server capacity and your feed starts suffering from packet loss and latency caused by network congestion, your audience is going to rapidly turn elsewhere. That’s when you need a CDN that can spin up extra capacity in a rapid manner, and ideally one that can also use multiple redundant routes to get your precious content to the viewership.

You have paid a lot of money for your content, you want to get it to the audience in as smooth a way as possible. That’s why CDN Live Streaming is important, and that’s why we’ve made sure that VO – TVaaS leverages the power of the best CDNs out there to protect your investment.